When Do You Know Your AC Needs An Overhaul?

Basic things in life need overhaul, just like people do. These things need maintenance in order to recover their own machines. Air-condition is one of the most important things which people rely on. Especially during the hot season, people need to cool their heads and body. So what if your air-condition does not work anymore and gives off the warm air? Would you be so irritated and break your day? Of course, so to lessen your stress you need to have it repaired.

If you have the time, read about how to repair or overhaul your air-conditioning via the resources available. You will learn all the basic things in repairing your air-condition. Perhaps you should know the rules when it comes to repairing and knowing a lot about your air-conditioning. This really saves money and time going to a shop. So how do you know that it’s time for your air-conditioning to get fixed?

No Or Low Cool Air

You should instantly feel that the air is really different. It does not give any shivers to your skin, but instead, you are still perspiring. Then this could be a sign your air-condition needs to be shut and removed and bring this to your technician or get it fixed you. You might find out that there are already a lot of wastes or remains in the vents of your air conditioner. Also there the compressor system is broke or the level of Freon is already low.  You should have the ducts cleaned or replaced immediately, because it can also pose health risks.


The time you see that there are already leaks coming out of the air-conditioning system or inside the system then it is really a big problem. This could mean that you are facing a problem with refrigerant leaks, the moisture represents this and can be seen in the evaporator coils. The filter may already be dirty and thus it forms ice and the ice would melt and instantly evaporates and causes leaks. This can also be dangerous for your health and that is why an immediate attention is a need for you to call a technician.

Foul Smell

This is uniquely strange because air condition system does not produce this, This already means that something has burned inside or there are molds already forming and that is why you need to check your air condition system from time to time. This is another health risk to your family.


A good air-condition system is silent and it does not produce any strange loud or any kind of sounds when it is operating. If it does then something is wrong inside the system and problems like lack of lubricant, the bearings of the motor needs to replace as it is already broken and perhaps the belt already glided or shifted to the other side.

If you do have signs like these experienced in your air condition, then it’s time to get it fixed. You need to find time for your air conditioner to get the repair or else it can affect your health. You can always do some research for an air-con servicing contractor around your block or get some advice from friends as to who the best repairman is.

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